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Everyone involved with this project is a volunteer. We come from all walks of life but we are all united by a common goal that drives this project forward to be noticed and to be successful. Without all the wonderful people who kindly donate their precious time, this project is not where it is today without them, you know who you are! Yet as we are getting more attention and we begin to spread our wings, we always need more volunteers to help out and move forward with our exciting plans.

So if you can spare a few hours to help out at the Caf, have experience with volunteer coordinating, food recording, social media management or you would like to help out with spreading the word and talking to retailers and shop keepers, we need YOU! If you can help out on a regualr basis, fantastic but if you can only spare a couple hours a week/month that's great too, we love to hear from you, show you around and make you feel part of our campaign.

Please email us at:


or you can call on 07968 535020. Alternatively you can also message us on our Facebook Page.