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This project would not be possible without the kind generousity and support from our food donors. Please show your appreciation and support for these businesses by visiting their website or even better their premises and help local businesses thrive.


We are constantly looking at intercepting and rescuing food from going to waste, so if you are a food retailer/wholesaler or producer, we would love to hear from you so that we can work together. We can help reduce your costs of food waste going to your contractor's bin as well as using the food for it's primary purpose, feeding people. We also issue Food Donor's Certificates so that you are recognised by our campaign and your own customers that you are contributing and commiting to reducing waste in society. Call or email and we can explain how we can help your business to become more waste efficient.

07968 535020 or


Pheonix Resource Centre

The Butchers Block UK 

Moulton Fruit & Veg

Zam Zam Grocers 

Fresh Fish Supermarket

The Daily Bread Co-operative

The Italian Shop Northampton


Sing Long Supermarket